...........walking with your hosts David and Emma

Saturday 11th March - Saturday 18th March 2023

We always spend a lot of time with our guests; it's just what we do.  But most often we're out alongside our specialist guest teachers, the yoga gurus, the botanists the bakers and so on.  So once in a while we plan a week when there are no other special interest folk around, allowing us to lead the groups ourselves. 


 A modest peak, perhaps;  a new hike in some other hidden  part of the valleys; a coastal walk; a trip through the quaint backstreets of Granada; just a simple stroll out with one of the herdsmen.    For this special week we'll keep it as a small-ish group, no more than a dozen perhaps, allowing us to plot the day's activities at almost the last minute, responding to the weather, the fitness and the general mood of the participants, the kind of thing that takes little or no organisation....... except that it does, though with more than 20 years of experience beneath our belts  it's perhaps less stressful than once it was!



Meanwhile, the weight of our many years in the alpujarras  means that you'll be the beneficiaries of whatever unassuming knowledge we may have aquired. We're certainly not setting ourselves up as experts, but we're inquisitive and observant, and good listeners, and have spent many hours enrapt at the feet of genuine scholars,  so often as not we're able to respond to our guests' questions on local history, culture, traditions and ecology.....and none too proud to find someone else who does know the answers when we don't!


There'll be lots of lovely food, and those of  you who are interested will be welcome to come along and watch our amazing cooks at work in the Las Chimeneas kitchen for impromptu lessons.  There will also be yoga classes available should you wish to spend some time in our new state-of-the-art studio.



March is a great time to travel.  Chances of sunshine are high in the day though we'll be coming back to wood burning stoves as soon as the sun goes down!  Best to bring layers.. everything from shirt sleeves to fleeces!   We're looking forward to it immensely.  If you would like to join us get in touch via email as soon as you can.

The cost for the week, full board and all transfers, is 875 euros per person per week.

Hasta pronto?

Emma and David


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