About us

We're always a bit stumped when  asked what it was that brought us to the village. It was a fluke, really, serendipity, if you like.  In 1998 we'd just finished another 3 year stint with the British Council,  and somehow stumbled on the idea of a year's sabbatical,  a breather, as it were between jobs.   With enormous good fortune a friend offered us the  use of a house in a nearby village in the alpujarra, and from then on I suppose we were smitten, seduced by the whole package of what this magical land has to offer.  We found lovely neighbours, great cycling, walking, skiing, windsurfing .....and when you fall for a place then it's really hard to leave!  So here we are many years later,  still on our extended sabbatical 



 Many of the  photos on this website were taken by Helen Audley, to whom we are extremely grateful. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page.

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