Las Chimeneas is available for self catering rentals.  Small or large groups welcome.  Private pool, terraces, views and the option of a private chef.  Please contact us for details.


We're aware that not everyone feels completely comfortable setting off alone, as it were, into the great beyond, no matter how safe the area, and equally that even experienced hikers will often prefer to walk in the company of other, like-minded people. 

For this reason we offer several weeks a year of  accompanied walking, which allows you  to  saunter the hillsides unruffled  as part of a small group, rarely ever more than 12, untroubled by  the need to scout or to navigate, and alongside an unflappable, experienced Guide who  will help to identify the flora and fauna,  interpret the landscape and fill you in on the complex history of the region. (And by the by, don't worry: we always travel at the pace of the slowest member, so there's no pressure to keep up!)

Emma and David rarely need much excuse to pull on their walking boots, so we are most often your guides,  though a couple of time a year we walk for a week together with our friend Chris Stewart, the celebrated  author of Driving Over Lemons, weeks which are predictably, invariably, a hilarious success.   Have a look at our Calendar on the Home Page for details of upcoming trips.

Meanwhile, usually at short notice, we can also offer accompanied day walks for guests staying at Las Chimeneas. A full day escorted trip, for example, including local  transport for 6 people, costs 120 euros.



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