A tale of 3 cities in 2024

Monday 11th November - Tuesday 19th November 2024



It's not too much of an exaggeration to suggest that for a while, almost a milennia ago, the moorish princes of Andalusia were pretty much masters of the European universe, and they were determined to build monuments to prove it so.   The budget for the architects and masons  must have been incalculable, no expense spared.  And it shows; still shows, so many centuries later.


We love these trips.  A four night jaunt across the three magnificent cities of Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada.   We're always curious as to which one you'll prefer; it's a tough choice. Lovely 4 star hotels, and lovely food - it would be a shame to spoil the magnificence of the cities with anything less!  Each time we do these city safaris we're constantly told by our guests  just how pleased and surprised they are by the quality of the accommodation, and moreover,  by how well the groups always seem to gel.   Thing is, almost without exception everyone will already have enjoyed at least one successful stay at Las Chimeneas at some point in the past, and well, like attracts like as it were, and so our participants do  tend to get on from the outset, and it's uplifting to see how so many long-term friendships are developed. 

First up Sevilla for 2 nights, followed by Cordoba, then Granada.  We include accommodation, breakfast and dinner.  For this part of the trip  drinks are not included, nor is lunch - we usually get tapas at little expense at lunchtime, nor we do we include entrances to the palaces and museums.  For the following 4 days which we spend back in Mairena, the trip becomes all-inclusive, ie. to include drinks and lunch.  


As for transport, we meet at the first hotel in Sevilla.  There is an airport there, though it's often easier and cheaper to use the airport at Malaga.   From then on all transfers are included, that is between the cities, and the return from Mairena to Malaga.  

The cost of the holiday is 1325 euros per person, with a single supplement of 325 euros.

This includes transport between the cities, and to Mairena, and back to Malaga.

Please note that drinks are not included,  nor is lunch in the cities, nor admission to the various cultural sites on offer. 






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